Bathroom Remodeling Contractor – Our Philosophy

You know Bath Fixer remodels bathrooms. But do you know our philosophy in our work?

Our work ethic and approach to construction and remodeling jobs is based upon our customer feedback! We have had customers tell us: “We have restored their faith in contractors after so many bad experiences.” This was so important to us and shapes our approach to how we serve you!

Our Process in Bathroom Remodeling

Planning & Budgeting (Your Quote)

We sit down with our customers and talk about your lifestyle, what tastes you have, your design style, and your budget. We plan your bathroom and the fixtures that will go in to the project. We make sure the little things are covered – like, having everything ready before we start your project so we prevent delays. We also give you a “guaranteed installed price.” We don’t waiver from that price. If we haven’t anticipated something during our planning or budgeting process, we don’t come back to you with a new price. We also will not give a very low estimate just to get your job. We make sure you get the value of the project at the number you want. If that number isn’t right for your budget, we can work with you to make adjustments on the products or services being used for your bathroom.


We set the date to begin work in your home before we order all of the products are ready for install. Our installation dates are ‘set in stone.’ We recognize priorities and give consideration to elderly or handicapped children with needs and we plan for these issues in advance. Just know, that once we show up – you are our life until the project is done. We accomplish our timelines and installation processes with our staff of remodeling and installation experts – all of them under our supervision. We very seldom use subcontractors so we can have control over the quality of our work product.

Completion & Follow Up

You will know how long our projects will take before we start. We understand the interference remodeling can cause to your home and lifestyle. We work to minimize this!

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