Bathrooms of the Future: When Can We Get It?

Recently we shared an image of a bath mat designed to grow lovely patterns of moss underfoot. Pictures of the so-called “living bath mat” can be found all over the web, but good luck trying to find a place to buy one: It’s actually an artist’s prototype.

There are acres of imaginative new product designs for the bathroom that never see the light of day. We’d like to see more make it to market. Wouldn’t you? Just think of all the age-old issues that could be resolved…

Problem: Small Bathroom

Low-Tech Solution: Forgo a bathtub

High-Tech Concept for Solution: A tub that folds up into a shower

Tulip Shower of the FUture becomes a bathtub

The “Tulip is a patent-pending gizmo that would serve as a bath when open and a shower when closed.

Problem: Grime where toilet adjoins the floor

Low-Tech Solution: Sealant

High-Tech Concept for Solution: Seamless fixtures

Seamless bathroom flooring

The Flow bathroom uses concrete to create a fusion between fixture and floor.

Problem:  Wasting water

Low-Tech Solution: Low-flow toilets, use a timer when you shower

High-Tech Concept for Solution: Water-recycling shower

Greywater recycling for the bathroom

The Aquabox is just one of many product concepts designed to reuse “greywater.” Runoff from your shower is purified and then recycled for things like toilet flushing and watering plants.

The Problem: All of the above look insanely expensive

Low-Tech Solution: Add them to your “Yeah, Right” board on Pinterest

High-Tech Concept for Solution: Enjoy these cheaper (but still brilliant!) bathroom solutions

Toothpase and Toothbrush all-in-one!

Look, ma! No more toothpaste all over the counter!

Showercurtain helps with Water Usage

The spikes slowly inflate while you shower!

Cheaper Greywater Toilet

Greywater diversion doesn’t have to be high-tech!

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