Mold and Mildew Prevention

Those problems are long gone thanks to your contractors, right? Actually, not at all.

After a remodel, the last thing you are probably thinking about is mold and mildew. But, due to the damp and sometimes dark nature of bathrooms, unless you are actively working towards preventing mold and mildew, it can quickly become a problem. At the first site of mold, it is already too late to get rid of it all without tearing out walls and re-grouting, depending on where it is spotted. What you see is only surface spores, while a much larger problem rages on beneath. But do not worry, preventing mold and mildew only takes a little discipline.

Daily Upkeep of Your Bathroom

This will help to prevent any nasty mold problems that thrive in a bathroom setting. It is important to circulate air as much as possible. Leaving the exhaust fan on for about a half hour post-shower helps quite a bit. If you can, and especially for basement bathrooms, take it a step further by leaving a dehumidifier running in the room.

Another easy way to prevent mold is by opening up that bathroom window curtain, if you have one. Added bonus – the natural light will make your bathroom look spacious and elegant. If you don’t have a window, simply leaving the light on for 15 minutes after your shower can help out too. Consider replacing bathroom lights with energy-efficient bulbs to lower the cost of keeping the light on a little longer.

Here’s where some discipline might have to come in – aside from your routine cleaning (every week? every other week?), a few more frequent cleanings of certain areas will ward off mold and mildew.

Cleaning to Prevent Mold & Mildew

You’ll want to clean with vinegar regularly. To minimize the hassle of this, try using a ratio of 1/2 vinegar to 1/2 dish soap and keeping it in a refillable dish sponge (like this one here) in your shower. Simply scrub the tub after your shower and go about your day.

It’s important to wash rugs frequently because they are absorbing quite a bit of moisture on a regular basis. See our guide to washing rugs. Along the same lines, make sure to clean up standing water as soon as possible.

Now go on and enjoy that shiny new bathroom without any worries about what lurks beneath the surface.

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