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The Bathroom: Too Complicated for a DIY Project

It’s no secret: bathrooms are complicated to remodel.  From electrical to plumbing, a great deal of skilled labor is required to ensure you have a finished product that meets applicable building codes and will enhance your eventual resale value. Consumer Reports stresses that skimping … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Bathroom Blunders

In our do-it-yourself world of home decorating, it’s easy to unintentionally fumble the ball while doing a bathroom makeover.  Many things can be done on your own, but there are some simple mistakes people make in bathroom decorating and we … Continue reading

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The Toilet of Tomorrow in your Bathroom Today!

If you want a glimpse into the future, and into the slightly bizarre, your first stop should always be Japan.  Always the innovators, Japan has come out with some amazing options in what we have considered the most basic of … Continue reading

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Staying in the Bathroom

What did you do in 2013?  If you’re like many, you stayed put.  Rather than finding a new shiny house, more people opted to make the one they are in better.

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Extra Time, Extra Attention

The way we use the bathroom sure has changed over time.  In a century we have gone from a quick dash to an outhouse, to now spending more time than ever in the bathroom (thanks Twitter). While we have increased … Continue reading

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